Sensor Range

A Range of Environmental Sensors

Data center operators should use sensors to mitigate fire, environmental, and power risks in their facilities because these risks can have serious consequences for the data center and the equipment it contains. Sensors can provide real-time monitoring and alert data center operators to potential issues before they become major problems.

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Sensor Integration

Data Integration

Integrating the data from the sensors with a building management platform allows data center operators to have a comprehensive view of the various factors that can impact the operation of the data center. You can also integrate the sensor metrics data into your processes and identify potnetial threats early.

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Monitoring Dashboards

Custom built Dashboards

Increase you data center observability by using our skills to build custom dahsboards that can have built in alerting , and collection of historical data.

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Enriched viress, Improvep Responses

Integration into you current monitoring and Observability tools is provided by our skilled team. Take advantage of our services today

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Monitoring Offerings

Sensors(IoT Devices)

Sensor Catalogue

You can choose from a variety of sensors that suit your needs. No subscription or software require, open apis to export metrics.

  • Wireless Temeperature & Humidity
  • Wired Temeperature & Humidity
  • Thermal Sensors
  • Leak Detection
  • Airflow
  • Air quality
  • Dust Particles
  • Fire detection
Integration Services


Custom integration can be provided by our team of experts to help you own you way to consolidating your monitoring data.

  • Collate data from all sensors in the network
  • Export metrics required format
  • Export metrics to the cloud for reliable storage
  • Integrtae into various platforms and inject data


Have full Pbservability of all critical environmental aspects of your data centers

  • Custom built Observability platform based on the ELK (Elastics Serch, Logstash & Kibana) Stack
  • Time series data available through Prometheus
  • Persistance of Observability data into the cloud
  • Custom built alerting capabilities